Monday, 15 July 2013

Biometric Specifications for Personal Identity Verification - NIST 800-76-2

This document contains technical specifications for biometric data mandated or allowed in [FIPS]. These specifications reflect the design goals of interoperability, performance and security of the PIV Card and PIV processes. 

This specification addresses iris, face and fingerprint image acquisition to variously support background checks, fingerprint template creation, retention, and authentication. These goals are addressed by normatively citing and mandating conformance tobiometric standards and by enumerating requirements where the standards include options and branches. In such cases, a biometric profile can be used to declare what content is required and what is 
optional. This document goes further by constraining implementers' interpretation of the standards. Such restrictions are designed to ease implementation, assure conformity, facilitate interoperability, and ensure performance, in a manner tailored for PIV applications.

The biometric data specifications herein are mandatory for biometric data carried in the PIV Data Model (Appendix A 
of [800-73, Part 1]). Biometric data used outside the PIV Data Model is not within the scope of this standard. 

This document does however specify that most biometric data in the PIV Data Model shall be embedded in the CommonBiometric Exchange Formats Framework [CBEFF] structure of Section 9. 

This supports record integrity (using digital signatures) and multimodal encapsulation. 

This document provides an overview of the strategy that can be used for testing conformance to the standard. It is not meant to be a comprehensive set of test requirements that can be used for certification or demonstration of compliance to the specifications in this document. NIST Special Publications 800-85A and 800-85-B [800-85] implements those objectives.

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